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Malvasia Literature

We must refer specifically to our MALVASIA wines. Praise them, publish their story, reinforce them poetically and literarily. The vine, as is well known, came to us from Eastern Europe. Our Malvasia is as cheerful as the transparent Aegean sky that covers the island that gave it its name: the Greek island of Candia. Its Hellenic, classical origin is a happy omen. Its climate is heroic; Clear his lineage. Its great tradition endows it with its source of nobility. Our islands are planted with vineyards, their wines irrigate the most universal literature: the Canary Islands offer the famous MALVASIA in their small wineries. Its fields exhale the warm and perfumed bath of its generous musts, while the land seems doubly heated by the hot sun and the burning liquid.

The entire island of Tenerife was and is a magnificent barrel. Princes and craftsmen, artists and rustics led their greedy lips towards this natural gift. A sweet well of happiness spilled over the thirst of the world.